External Dvd Drive Otg Player

External Dvd Drive Otg Player

External Dvd Drive Otg Player

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External DVD Drive OTG Player App Video

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Do you want to play DVDs with your Android tablet with the highest quality and no lag? Then you are definitely in the right place, as External DVD Drive OTG Player is an application that will allow you to do that and so much more!

EDOTGP comes with complete compatibility for external Samsung (or similar) drives and it allows you to run the DVD content right after connecting the drive. You can find detailed usage instructions embedded within the app.
The External DVD Drive OTG Player app is very easy to install and use, and works seamlessly with a wide range of Android tablets.

In order to use the EDOTGP application you need an Android tablet with the system version 4.0 or later, a high quality USB OTG cable and an external DVD reader/writer that is Android compatible.

- View your favorite movies on the go and with the highest quality
- Customize visualization options
- Supports many DVD, and other video formats
- Equalizer
- Complete support for Android compatible tablets
- Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, Repeat, etc. Play options

Support and technical notes:
For any issues or want a refund, no problem! You can contact Johnathan Page directly at edotgp@gmail.com. At this particular time the app comes with complete support for most tablets, but if your device is not supported drop us a mail so we can include support for it in the next update.

External DVD Drive OTG Player DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOTING! Rooting may void your device's warranty. Also, use an external power when connecting the DVD reader/writer to the tablet. Please do not connect an unpowered External DVD reader/writer to a tablet! EDOTGP is a DVD player so it comes with complete support for VOB and 12+ other related media types!

Note: This software is not produced by or affiliated with Samsung. Samsung is a registered and copyrighted global company who owns the Samsung trademark.